cherry blossoms

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broke out the sharpies and tried out a new drawing style. i kinda like it hehe

explanation behind baekhyun's 갸하이

fan: baekhyunah, what's 'kyahayi'?
baekhyun: kyahing ~ > < this is my shy-self........ ♥
[trans by byunbaekku]

EXO - 140408 Kang Junho’s twitter update: “EXO Comeback Set Making!!”
Credit: kngjunho.

140408 sehun fanboard response

fan: sehun-ah will you mawwy me? (spelled marry in a cuter way)
sehun: i know what marriage is but i don't know what a mawwy is... i'm sorry... what a shame... i could've married you kkaeb~
(trans@ suncheonboy)